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Your moving supplies checklist

Moving or storing your belongings in a nearby self-storage facility can be a stressful time. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy checklist to ensure you have the right packing supplies on hand to keep your belongings protected and move them with ease. Print or bookmark this list and use it for your next move.

My moving supplies checklist

Moving boxes

Make sure you have sturdy, stackable boxes in uniform sizes for stacking. Flimsy or overused boxes tend to get crushed when stacked or fall apart as you are carrying them. Plastic bins tend to crack if overpacked. Avoid plastic bags if possible as these are difficult to label and impossible to stack.

Based on your specific needs you may want to also get a variety of box sizes.  This allows you to avoid over packing boxes or making them too heavy. 

Label maker and/or markers

Labeling boxes gives you a quick view of everything that stored away, It’s an easy time-saver. Don’t want to invest in a label maker? Purchase inexpensive masking tape and use markers so that you can reuse the box for future moves/storage needs.  Labeling boxes makes to process of unpacking your belongings much easier, so make sure you take the time to label properly at the beginning. 

Bubble wrap

When it comes to protecting valuables, such as fragile items, larger electronics, and items that require heavy-duty protection, bubble wrap is a clear choice. Bubble wrap protects your items from impact damage

Packing paper

While bubble wrap is the clear choice for certain valuables, packing paper is a suitable choice for small mirrors, dishes, and picture frames. Packing paper takes up less space and you need less of it to wrap fragile items. You can stack or bundle items after they’ve been wrapped. TIP: Placing a sheet of bubble wrap between heavy fragile items gives your belongings extra cushion.  Avoid using newspaper or magazines because the ink may rub off onto your belongings.

Tape and tape dispenser

The need for tape to seal boxes and bundle items goes without saying, but don’t forget the dispenser! When planning your move, avoid stressing out at the last minute by purchasing plenty of packaging tape. Streamline packing by having enough tape dispensers on hand so that everyone doing the packing can easily seal boxes. The last thing you want to do is waste time trying to find where the tape dispenser was left or who has it.  

Stretch wrap

Instead of tape, use stretch wrap to adhere to furniture padding and covers. It’s also good for bundling boxes.

Mattress and furniture covers

Mattress and furniture covers go a long way to keep dirt, dust, and unwanted elements off your fabric. However, make sure to choose the correct cover size. Covers that are too tight will hurt the breathability of the piece. Covers that are too loose can leave room for dirt or dust to gather. Covers that are too long create tripping hazards in your unit.


Use pads to protect stackable surfaces and items that are fragile or easily scratchable, such as glass mirrors, wood furniture, and pianos. Having enough protective layers around these items goes a long way.

Storage lock

If you are moving your items to a self-storage unit, the one must-have item is a storage lock. There is a wide range of locks at a variety of price points. A good rule of thumb is to invest 10 percent of the cost of what you are looking to protect on the lock. Two other items to consider are if the lock will fit your storage unit and if the self-storage unit is indoor.

To ensure your move is as stress-free as possible, proper preparation is a must. This starts with the right packing supplies and laying out your self-storage unit in advance.

Do you need moving supplies for an upcoming move?

Visit one of our nearby self-storage locations in Chicago. Under the Moving Supplies tab, you can find a list of moving supplies available at our facilities. Order by phone or stop by one of our self-storage facilities.